More Than Just a Roof

Secure Bonded Warehouse in Cologne

Our warehouse is protected and under video surveillance to offer a safe and secure place for your goods. No matter if your freight is in transit or staying for longer, our central location in Europe and the easy access to the infrastructure make it an ideal solution. We have designated areas for bulky goods, as well as sensitive and luxury goods to offer the outmost protection for your goods.

Additionally we offer storage services as weighing, measuring, counting, labelling, picking, repacking and cross-docking and are especially known for our On-Hold Service. For our On-Hold Service we check and report the conditions of your purchased goods and make them ready to be sent out to your client or your warehouse. 

Competative pricing

Make sure to receive our price-list and be surprised how well our pricing will work for your project.

  • Secure & monitored
  • Suitable for bulky goods
  • Separated area for sensitive and luxury goods
  • Digital capture, weighing, measuring & reloading
  • Easy accessible for different kinds of lorries
  • Central location in Europe