More than just a roof for your goods

Germany, Cologne

Bonded Warehouse

We provide you with a highly secure storage solution for your transit goods in the heart of Europe. Our warehouse is equipped with advanced CCTV surveillance and is complemented by a professional security service. It is easily accessible for trucks of all classes, ensuring hassle-free unloading of bulky freight.

In addition to our comprehensive warehousing services, which include weighing and measuring, we also offer efficient goods commissioning. Moreover, you can benefit from our escrow service / On-Hold service. Allow us to thoroughly inspect your ordered goods and release the invoice amount to your supplier only when you are completely satisfied and confident.

We prioritize the safety and protection of your goods, ensuring peace of mind throughout the entire storage and transit process.

  • Secure - CCTV surveillance & 24/7 security service
  • Short or long-term storage
  • Ideal for bulky goods, mixed goods, electronic goods, pallets 
  • Digital goods tracking, weighing, measuring, reloading and Value Added Services
  • Easily accessible for all classes of trucks
  • Centrally located in Europe