We Take Care of Goods Inspections

Our On-Hold Service

You have a new business partner or supplier and want to be reassured that your purchased goods are in condition as specified by the seller? Then our On-Hold service is a fit for your business. 

We take care of the transport to our warehouse in Cologne, where we will check the goods according to your requirements. Completing the inspection we will send you our report with a photo documentation. Are the conditions verified and as expected, we will finalise the process with additional repacking/labelling if desired and send the goods to your warehouse or directly to your client. 

We will check weight, quantity, dimensions, conditions of the goods and any additional properties you like to have checked by us. 

This is especially useful if you don't have the capacity to check the goods and want to make sure they arrive in the condition that satisfies your client.

  • We will organise the pick up of the goods
  • Thorough check at our warehouse in Cologne
  • Sending our report including photo documentation
  • Optional repacking and labelling 
  • The process is finalised by shipping or partial shipping to the desired destination