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Customs Clearance

Painless import and export processes - thanks to our experience with custom offices and regulation in and outside of the EU we remove the hassle from customs declarations and preparation of required documents. As a result unpleasant surprises are avoided and the your project remains on time and under control.

We are glad to connect you with a reliable partner in case you require special import certifications. If you are uncertain about your declaration we are the right partner to consult.

  • Customs clearance for goods imported in and outside of the EU
  • Storage of transit goods in our bonded warehouse
  • Customs Documents: EX1 / EX-A / T1 / T2 / IM-A
  • Carnet-TIR for transit
  • Packing lists, CMR and transport documents
  • Consolidation of your consignment
  • Advice on customs issues and certifications

Goods imported to Russia must meet the requirements of the Russian Certification System. These regulations are comparable with the ISO-certification. As Russia doesn't recognise those norms and standards as such, conformity has to be met and verified through Russian regulations. Products without certification usually find less or no interest or have to be sold under value. The certificates are a mandatory part of the export documents for the Russian customs authority. For producers with a one or three year serial certificate the accompanying copy of the original certificate is sufficient. GOST-R certificates pose a substantial quality feature on the Russian market, which effectively lead to higher sales.

Official webpage in Russian

In order to import and sell goods in Russia it is necessary to draw up permissive documents. They include drawing up Correspondence Certificates, Correspondence Declaration, Letters of Refusal. The main objective of Rostest is to draw up permissive certification documents. The institution that cooperate with Rostest in Russia include: Russian Techno Regulation, Ministry of Emergency Situations (MES), Russian Consumer Rights' Supervision, RRIS (Russian Research Institute of Certification).

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