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    Escrow Services

    You have a new business partner and want to make sure that all contractual obligations are met? A trustful third party can take this role and inspect the order process for you. No matter if you are a vendee or a seller, we manage the receipt of goods and payment. After the goods arrive in our warehouse they are checked on basis of the sales agreement. In case everything follows as agreed the goods are dispatched to the vendee and the payment is released to the seller.

    • Vendee and seller arrange a trust deed with GTG LOGISTICS GmbH
    • (1) The vendee transfers the invoice price to the trustee - GTG LOGISTICS GmbH
    • (2) After the transaction the trustee notifies the seller to dispatch his goods
    • (3) The goods are properly checked in our warehouse in Cologne
    • (3) Goods and payment are released respectively